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Babby's first blogpost

Hello there, if you stumbled on this blog you might have the following questions:
Who is this guy?
What is this blog about?
Why does this guy have a blog?

The answers are fairly simple. I'm a random unemployed european asshat, who should have started a blog long ago, due to the fact that twitters character limitation is always a deal breaker and facebook is visible for my friends only. This blog is gonna be primarily me sharing my tought's on random stuff, mostly gaming but probably other stuff as well.

Other things you should know, im not always keen to talk about the hot new topic since I'm rather lazy and read this kinda stuff every now and then. I might also read alot of old stuff and have some toughts so expect blasts from the past.

With all that out of the way, let's get started with something that got me thinking:

Yes, this again. Apparently Capcom never gets tired of watching their fans cry in angry tears.

I found this while browsing articles at Blistered Thumbs and my first tought was: "Oh boy, time to get dissappointed and read all the idiotic comments about how they never liked the old dante and this game is gonna be way better .etc"

 And to be honest, after watching this it seems to me that Ninja Theory is slowly starting to get the gameplay down.

Why do I think this? allow me to walk you trhough the older trailers and my toughts
 Up first we have the trailer that started it all, well as far as I know anyway.

The first time I saw this trailer was on facebook, when one of my friends expressed his displeasure with the trailer since he is a huge fan of the series.

After witnessing this I started to look for fan reactions and reading comments on this video, etc. After a quick look it seemed to come down to the hair color and the "emo look". But after reading longer there were other complaints that popped up wich were far more valid, such as Dante smoking since that was originally avoided for a purpose, the game looking gritty and sluggish (compared to the other games). The second one is the biggest one for me personally, in this trailer the combat looks very very sluggish and bland. Where did all the style and fast pace go? So this trailers was an absolute disaster.

Then I saw the first gameplay trailer:

Well, this looks much better already, I mean the attacks seem to actually have some power behind them instead of the half assed attacks of the first trailer. But still theres something missing isn't there?
Yup, it still isnt good enough, there are barely any enemies on the screen and they all seem to wait until you beat them one by one. Also why is Dante pulling the enemies toward himself? Isnt he supposed to use a sword and guns? While all that is a little better, it's not up to the quality that would make me or anyone else who actually liked original Devil May Cry games buy it. Also the tone of the game is way too serious.

And then we come to the trailer at the beginning, wich has improved the impact of the attacks alot and overall it looks more fun. However the complaints about the serious tone are still there wich IS a major downer.

After seeing that last trailer I searched for a Devil may cry 3 gameplay video and realized what this whole thing reminded me of.

Yeah, this game. Why?
Well, this is a pretty ok game on it's own, but compared to what came before it, it feels very lackluster. The animation has way too many frames and moves at snails pace compared to the original 3 games on the PSOne. Also it just dosen't have the charm of the original games intact anymore.
So my toughts on the whole scenario right now as it stands, is that at best the game will be another Wrath of the Cortex. Aka technically not a bad game, but very dissapointing when compared to any of it's predecessors.

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