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The darkness in horizon

So ever since the talk about WiiU started, so did the talk about mircosoft and sonys new line ups.
While at first it didnt seem too likely, now it will probably be 
at the very least be accouned by the next E3.

Some seem to be exited, im really not. In fact as far as consoles go I havent been too impressed by the current gen at all. So this is gonna be a longwinded explanation 
to my negativity towards one of my beloved hobbies.

One reason I'm not too intersted in new console lineup is that console launched have sucked in the last few years. PS Vita, 3DS and WiiU have all launched with barely any games worth playing, even PS3 had this same issue but at least companies were kinda holding up. Not recently though.

Another big issue is market demand for rather dull games. Im sorry but  in no way can I say with any kinda honesty, that I find any enjoyment in most western developed games. 
For example the "western" approach to RPGs seems to be to give you a big sandbox with a dialogue system that uses a bland flowchart to determine wheter you're a pure innocent angel or a wittle naughty boy, oh and throw those stats there somewhere. That same flowchart morality mechanic is in many many other western developed games, the reasons why this bothers me should be another post on its own, but for now it helps to know that I dont like binary moral systems.

Also, Military FPS's just have never ever been my thing but even for those who like this stuff, do you really find yearly installment of every game THAT enjoyable? They're not that different.
Also talking about games that are pretty much the same fucking game every year, Nintendo.
Before you hang me as a youngster who just dosent understand the ways on ye olde. Know that I still wish I had my old NES around. But even when I wish that, I cant help but to question why would anyone buy Zelda games anymore, theyre the EXACT SAME GAME EACH TIME. 
No really, just count the differences, and you find that there are maybe a few new characters here and there, and the central gameplay gimmick is different, and by that I mean you use some mcguffin to solve your way trough certain problems.

Also the death of certain franchises is just downright sad,
though it isnt suprising since horror games have pretty much all become pc exclusive facecam let's play fuel, DMC style games are alive only with Bayonetta (and that WiiU exclusivity for Bayonetta 2 still sucks altough, I understand why it's happening), all the while the actual DMC franchise gets rebooted by a bunch of british idiots that dont know a fuck about gameplay. Tomb Raider has been a dead franchise for good decade now (In my opinion anyway). 

So, if most of the major franchises are either not my thing at all, and most the old big franchises are dead in my eyes, what is there left for me to be exited about the new generation?

The answer is nothing.

The big question is what do you think, yes you, who found this by accident or I linked this to, Seriously I want some input on this. Agree, Disagree, Call me a douchebag, whatever, I just want to hear discussion.

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