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Recent PS3 updates

So as some of you may very well know, PS3 has changed a little bit in the last few months.
The funny thing is it hasnt chaned the same way everywhere and as someone who has multiple accounts for different regions, I'd like to compare these changes. 

First off, in Europe, we got a Singstar app that has been plastered right below the disc game.
I say in Europe because this fucking thing cannot be seen in my Japan or US accounts.

Second the store, oh how I hate that thing. The original PSN store was kinda bad in its own right.
Everything wasnt organized properly so there might have been stuff you didnt know existed until you searched for them. However there were pretty solid caterories. Now half of those categories is gone.

Not only that but if you have a widescreen sd tv the store will default to 4:3 regardless of your system settings, and ofc it has to use Pan & Scan to fit the fucking thing properly.

US got it worse since they have even less categories, and PS2 and PS1 games are all under the same Classics label, unlike before where they were seperate.

And Japan.....well, japanese store remains exactly the same. Yeah there are no changes at all.

TL;DR: Fuck you with a cactus Sony

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