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DmC, MGR:R and action games in general

So, the trainwreck that is DmC has come out,
judging by the demo I played it's exactly as I perdicted.
An average game completely overshadowed by the much better predecessors in the franchise. and in honor of the release of the bleh game, I stared playing DMC3 on the HD collection and man oh man does that game still hold up. 


Its kinda sad how completely Ninja Theory misunderstood the desing of Devil May Cry and action games in general for that matter. 60 fps of those games isnt just for show you know, its important for reaction time based manuevers such as doging. Oh and while were at it, 

Fuck You!!!
Ninja theorys response to lock on button request

The Metacritic page for this game kinda saddens me as well, It clearly shows that the people who review these games are truly incompetent. Or paid off but I still truly question that notion, because I don't wear a tinfoil hat while I'm sleeping.

But not to worry because there is another action game in horizon that looks really impressive so far,
Metal Gear Rising: Revengance.

Despite it's ridiculous name, the actual game (judging by the demo again) is really impressive. 
Playing this after DmC's 30fps slugfest feels so goood. One thing that took me by suprise was that the game does still allow for stealth gameplay, altough the enemy AI is kinda dumb so sneaking by them isnt exactly a challenge. Still, it's a viable option to take enemies out since Raiden dies VERY easily.
I'm really exited to hopefully get my hands on the full product

And after all of that I leave you with what everyone remembers from the demo:

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